Webchat - Smart 911 (ASL)

Webchat - Emergency Preparedness (ASL)

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs (English)

Disaster Preparedness for Children (English)

Ready Kern Public Safety Notification (ASL / Spanish)

Emergency Food Safety (ASL / Spanish)

Kern County Evacuation Notification (ASL / Spanish)

Kern County Emergency Communication (ASL / Spanish)

Kern County Animal Disaster Preparedness (ASL / Spanish)

Kern County Disaster Kit and Plan (ASL / Spanish)

Kern County Flood Safety (ASL / Spanish)

Disaster Preparedness - Close the Door! (ASL / Spanish)

Earthquake Preparedness (ASL / Spanish)

Smart 911

Overall Preparedness



Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities (7 parts)


Introduction (English / Spanish / ASL)

Skills Test (English / Spanish / ASL)

Building a Support Team (English / Spanish / ASL)

Emergency Supply Kits (English / Spanish / ASL)

Physical & Mobility Limitations (English / Spanish / ASL)

Low or No Vision (English / Spanish / ASL)

Hearing (English / Spanish / ASL)



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