Incident Name: Plains Incident
Incident Time: 2:55:00 pm
Incident Date: 10-02-2013
Incident Location: Shafter
Incident Type: Hydrocarbon Fire
Resources Used: Engine 32, Engine 31, Engine 67, Engine 65, Engine 61, Engine 66, Truck 65, Hazmat 66, BC3, BC6, PIO, Safety 3,4,6
Number of Personnel: 35
Assisting Agencies: n/a
Cause: Power surge of the facility cannot be ruled out


While responding to a reported vehicle accident, Kern County Fire Department Engine 67 noticed a large amount of black smoke coming from the area of 7th Standard Rd and Enos Ln and quickly notified their dispatch.  Simultaneously, multiple calls began pouring in to the dispatch center of heavy smoke and fire coming from one of the refining towers at Plains LPG Services.  Firefighters arrived on scene and found a 100 foot tall heating tower with thick black smoke and fire protruding 30-50 feet from the top opening, and a second alarm response was initiated due to the size and complexity of the incident.  Plant personnel relayed to the Incident Commander that the product burning was an oil used in the production process, and the flow of the product to the tower had been stopped.  Crews decided the best course of action was to let the remaining product burn itself out while firefighters continued to cool down surrounding equipment and structure with hose streams.

All plant personnel have been allowed to return to the facility, and firefighters are continuing to work with employees on returning the facility to operation.

The fire was brought under control in under 60 minutes


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